Than Yaw Zin By Lay Phyu (B.O.B)


Song Title : Than Yaw Zin (From Bay of Bengal, B.O.B)
Singer : Lay Phyu
Cast : Lay Phyu and IC

သီခ်င္းအမည္ ... သံေယာဇဥ္ (ဘဂၤလားပင္လယ္ေအာ္)
ေတးဆို ... ေလးျဖဴ
သ႐ုပ္ေဆာင္ ... ေလးျဖဴ , Iron Cross



alidyangon said...

Hi there

I am a Malaysian guy maried a Myanmar Lady. I really like to listen to Lay Phyu Song. I don't event understands most of the words in the lyrics, but I like all songs in B.O.B especially track No.2. Could someone please let me know the song title.

Thank you

alidyangon said...

further more, i also like to listen to Iron Cross songs and i started being a fan of Myo Gyi.

iron said...

i very like lay phyu.

Anonymous said...

Lay Phyu is forever in the people of Myanmar. He voice is amazing yet gently. He is a man. Yeah. But I am sad that he divorce his wife in oroder to get a new young girl as his second wife. His first wife was his childhood love, his first love. She helped him to be well known in Myanmar.

Anonymous said...

hi alidyangon,
I know it's a bit late to reply u.. :D
You might already know the title of the 2nd track song..
It's named " Ngah Yet La Min".. in English.. " My moon" .. dedicates his girl friend as " a moon" ..
:D.. I am not a good translator.. sorry for that..

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